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License Law


We represent healthcare licensees who have suffered a complaint to state agencies, corporations that operate assisted living facilities and nursing homes, and applicants for healthcare facility licensure. Our clients include physicians, nurses and other health care providers, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other healthcare businesses that operate under regulation by the Florida Department of Health and the Agency for Health Care Administration.

After years of working with and within state agencies, Ms. Hurley has developed a useful familiarity with the processes involved in Florida’s regulatory processes. Her in-depth experience gives her the ability to provide counsel regarding how a particular agency or board might handle specific issues and situations. Her consultation services are focused on educating the licensee so that he or she can make informed decisions when the case first begins and throughout its pendency.


Ms. Hurley routinely represents professionals in the defense of disciplinary actions against their licenses. Such actions, whether simple or complex, can have a significant impact on the continued practice of a licensed professional both in Florida and in other states. Ms. Hurley can provide assistance to those applying for and obtaining licenses and permits from state agencies and boards. Whether it is an out of state physician or nurse who wants to move to Florida or a dentist seeking an appeal of the Board of Dentistry, she is experienced and qualified to do it all.


Ms. Hurley has practiced in several full-service law firms. She has multiple relationships with attorneys who specialize in areas for which we do not offer legal services. She is happy to receive referrals or assist other attorneys in handling their clients’ administrative or licensure problems.


Criminal matters often have an impact on a professional license. When a criminal matter affects the administrative litigation, Ms. Hurley works with the involved criminal attorneys to coordinate defenses and resolve any related disciplinary actions.  Attorneys who lack administrative law experience or who are not experienced to handle the administrative or licensure problems of their clients are welcome to call for assistance. We are here to serve your legal needs.